A Fun Way To Learn

Here at Cowan Music Centre, our passion is to provide you with high-quality instruction in a fun and relaxed setting to make learning to play your chosen musical instrument easy and enjoyable.

Grow Your Confidence

Comprehensive, fun lessons for learners of all ages and levels.

A Life With Music Is One Full Of Joy

With over 15 years of experience teaching intermediate and advanced piano, Lewis Cowan, founder of Cowan Music Centre, is passionate about helping beginners and enthusiastic pianists to develop their skills. Lewis is a patient and calm teacher that aims to make every lesson fun, entertaining and enjoyable for all age groups.

From young beginners to adults looking to follow a new hobby with little to no experience, lessons here at the Cowan Music Centre are set to help you learn while taking the pressure off hitting the right key the first time. Lewis will work with you to develop your knowledge, making you feel comfortable with your skills before moving onto the next stage.

Motivating & Growing Confidence

As a Grade 8 pianist and Grade 6 practical musician, Lewis has the experience, qualifications and abilities to motivate young learners to continue practising and encourage adult beginners to feel relaxed and learn at their own pace. From one-to-one sessions to accelerated lessons, Cowan Music Centre can grow your confidence through lively lessons that bring you the joy of music.

Lessons Suitable For All

We understand that it can be daunting trying something new for both young and mature learners, which is why we provide a free one-to-one trial to put your mind at ease. Our lessons are suitable for all learners, and teaching is adjusted to suit the student’s pace and confidence.

  • Young learners from around 5 years of age
  • Adults looking for adult-only lessons
  • Complete beginners, young and mature
  • Advanced musicians looking to develop their skills

Why Choose Cowan Music Centre?

We love providing lessons that all age groups feel comfortable attending and returning to, giving you the guidance you require to advance your skills further while enjoying each session with fun teaching methods. When booking your lessons with Cowan Music Centre, you can enjoy the following:

First Lesson Free

To make sure that you thoroughly enjoy learning to play your instrument, you can book a free trial session with Lewis.

Attending Concerts

Regular concerts for parents, partners and family members allow you to build your confidence and show your progress.

Achieving Grades

Once you have built confidence and feel ready, we will help you pass your exams to achieve grades 1 to 8.

What Our Musicians Have To Say

"I have been coming to Lewis and his music centre for about a year now and have loved every single lesson. As a slow learner, Lewis takes his time with me, and when I mess up, he helps me to build my confidence to try again. I have been enjoying my lessons so much, and always look forward to having a chat with Lewis and learning something new."

-Milton KeynesGoogle Reviews

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