Frequently Asked Questions

We have pieced together answers to some of our most frequently asked questions in the hopes that they will provide solutions to your queries. However, if you still require further information, then please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Do I Need A Piano At Home To Practice?

What Music Do You Teach?

When Can I Have My Lesson?

How Long Are Lessons?

Do I Have To Have Accelerated Lessons?

Will I Be In A Class With Children?

How Many People Will Be In An Accelerated Lesson?

Do We Take Turns Practising In An Accelerated Lesson?

How Often Do I Need One-to-One Lessons?

How Do I Know One-to-One Lessons Are Right For Me?

Who Teaches One-to-One Lessons?

How Long Are One-to-One Lessons?

How Long Do Piano Camps Last?

Do I Need To Attend All The Sessions During Piano Camp?

Is Piano Camp One-to-One Lessons?

Who Can Attend Piano Camp?

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