As experts and highly qualified musicians, our aim is to provide lessons that help learners of all ages to develop their skills and confidence when playing their chosen instrument. Your teacher will work with you to create a tailored lesson around your age, ability and learning style, ensuring that your lessons go at your pace. Our teachers are extremely patient and understanding, helping you to target problematic areas of learning so that you feel confident and can see gradual improvement. With this in mind, we have designed a new website that helps you to find the perfect music lessons for you, whether that’s finding a class that caters to your requirements, commitments or learning style.

Find Your Musical Interest

Here at Cowan Music Centre, we pride ourselves on offering second to none music lessons for those of all ages, whether you are a primary school student starting your very first lesson or an adult learner looking to try something new. You can choose from a range of lesson types to help you tailor your classes around the style that suits you best. Our Grade 6 practical musicians and Grade 8 pianists will help you to unlock your potential, achieve certificates and grades, as well as provide expert techniques to help you progress and flourish.

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Instrument Lessons

We understand that when it comes to learning, there is no such thing as one size fits all, which is why we provide a range of learning styles and techniques to adapt learning for each student. Before deciding which lesson style is suited to you, you will be provided with a FREE one-to-one session where we can assess your ability and discuss how we can grow your confidence. After this, you can choose to have one-to-one lessons or accelerated sessions, both of which are fantastic solutions to learning.

One-to-one lessons are perfect for targeting problematic areas through hands-on teaching and can be beneficial to those that are finding it hard to pick up the technique, so they want a less pressured environment to learn at their own pace. On the other hand, our accelerated lessons are ideal for anyone that would like to socialise while learning and for those that work best by learning with and helping others. We also provide an adult-only accelerated session during the day, which is excellent for those that are retired. We welcome learners of all ages and levels for both one-to-one and accelerated classes.

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School Holiday Camps

As well as our lessons, you can also have some fun with our school holiday camps, designed to provide the perfect combination of fun and learning. Our piano camps are perfect for making friends and learning something new in a comfortable and social environment. Our school holiday camps are available for summer, Christmas, Easter and some half-terms, so please feel free to discuss this with us if you wish to book your place. Sessions last for 2 hours and will be available four days a week through the school holidays. At the end of the camp programme, students will be able to perform their piece in front of parents and family at a dedicated performance event.

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Contact Us To Book Your Place

Whether you like to find out more or book your first free one-to-one session, please feel free to contact us. We will be able to provide you with all of the answers to your queries and can help to establish a solution that matches your learning style and capabilities.