Have you or your child recently decided to learn how to play the piano? Perhaps you are partaking in our piano lessons in Milton Keynes at the Cowan Music Centre. If so, you may be wondering: what are the best piano books for beginners? With a plethora of options out there, it can be hard to identify which will best suit your needs. While our teachers will recommend the best books for you during your piano lesson, we have compiled the following suggestions to help you prepare for your first session.

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    Best Piano Books for Beginners to Learn With Ease

    Whether you’re a complete beginner or have dabbled in piano before, learning from the best materials is the secret to transforming your playing from key-fumbling cacophonies to smooth melodies! Here is a guide to the best piano books for beginners, as recommended by our qualified musicians at the Cowan Music Centre who provide piano lessons in Milton Keynes to adults and children alike.

    Child playing piano

    Best Piano Books for Kids

    While there are no age restrictions on learning how to play the piano, it certainly helps to start at a young age, as cognitive and motor functions are developing fast. At the Cowan Music Centre, we find it essential that children attending our music lessons in Milton Keynes play their instrument at home between sessions to maintain the skills they learn. We recommend choosing these piano books for kids that your child will find enjoyable to read and play from to encourage them to practice as much as possible!

    Tunes for Ten Fingers

    An excellent choice for introducing piano to kids under seven, ‘Tunes for Ten Fingers’ is easy to follow and guides children in gradually building the basic skills required to play the piano. This book is the perfect at-home supplement to lessons for young children, as it engages them with illustrations and games that aid in teaching them how to read music and play simple tunes.Tunes for Ten Fingers Photo Credit Musicroom

    Pop Songs for Kids

    Containing iconic tunes by top artists such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, ‘Pop Songs for Kids’ is a brilliant choice for older kids who have started to read sheet music and are keen to recreate their favourite radio hits! This piano book includes song lyrics alongside the sheet music, assisting your child in learning each melody. It offers a fun, contemporary alternative to the more traditional songs found in many other piano books. Pop Songs for Kids Photo Credit Musicroom

    Best Piano Practice Books

    Practice makes perfect, right? Only if you have the right materials to practice from! When learning the piano, it is essential to reinforce what you’ve learnt in your lessons by going over it at home- this will ensure it sticks in your memory. However, plain sheet music may bore your child after a few minutes of practice- why not help them engage with material that is colourful and fun to play? Meanwhile, those participating in our piano lessons for adults in Milton Keynes may be overwhelmed by the prospect of practising scales at home- having one of these piano practice books as a visual guide should help alleviate this!

    My First Piano Pieces, Puzzles & Activities (Get Set! Piano)

    This excellent book is ideal for encouraging your child to practice playing the piano with silly songs, nursery rhymes, fun games and exciting puzzles, which will help strengthen memory and playing ability. Get Set! Piano My First Piano Pieces, Puzzles & Activities Photo Credit Amazon

    Easy Visual Scales for Piano

    Essential for those determined to become proficient at piano playing, this book depicts all major and harmonic minor scales with clear diagrams and fingering patterns. Learning and practising these increasingly challenging scales will allow your technique to flourish. This informative guide will make the process far less daunting!Easy Visual Scales Photo Credit Amazon

    Best First Piano Books

    Overwhelmed by choice? These first piano books are the perfect all-in-one option for beginners looking for a no-fuss introduction to piano. They are ideal if you want to familiarise yourself with the basics of piano-playing before beginning your piano lessons in Milton Keynes at the Cowan Centre.

    Let’s Play Piano: A Complete Course for Young Beginners (Part 1)

    If you have no idea where to start when it comes to learning the piano, this book is for you! It starts from the basics and will guide you from clueless to key-savvy. Upon completing it, you will have learned step by step how to read sheet music and play simple tunes, such as ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘Yankee Doodle’ and ‘Happy Birthday’.Let's Play Piano: A Complete Course for Young Beginners (Part 1) Photo Credit Amazon

    Usborne First Book of The Piano

    A brilliant choice for beginners of all ages, this colourful, cartoony book is fun and easy to follow. It explains all things piano, from basic musical notation to simple tunes. The songs included aim to help you practise each skill as you learn it, from sharps to scales. A CD of all the songs accompanies the book; an excellent resource that will help you assess and improve your playing between lessons.Usborne First Book of the Piano Photo Credit WHSmith

    Best Piano Technique Books

    Looking to become proficient at playing the piano? The key to a flawless sound is all in the technique! These piano technique books will stretch and challenge you with exercises that strengthen the finger muscles and help you practice the correct movements. Completing these frequently will allow you to reach your full piano playing potential. Just wait until you hear the difference 10 minutes a day and good posture can make.

    A Dozen a Day

    Just as a successful athlete regularly exercises their body, a successful pianist must exercise their fingers! Universally considered one of the best piano technique books, ‘A Dozen a Day’ is full of helpful warm-ups to be completed before home practice or piano lessons by adults and children alike. Playing these short tunes prepares the mind and hands before sessions and will help beginners refine their technical skills over time. Photo Credit Musicroom

    The Complete Piano Technique Book

    From posture to hand movement to scale fingering, ‘The Complete Piano Technique Book’ provides all the information you need to transform your playing. Full of strength-building exercises, professional tips and tricks, and expert explanations, this piano book addresses every aspect of your playing. It will show you how many slight adjustments to your technique can make a world of difference to your ability!The Complete Piano Technique Book Photo Credit Amazon

    Best Piano Theory Books

    Piano theory involves becoming familiar with musical notation and learning about the notes you play and how: it teaches us about scales, chords, harmonics and more! Head to Skoove for more about piano theory and the importance of becoming familiar with it as a leaner of the piano. Once you’re convinced, check out these piano theory books, which start with the basics and will have you reading sheet music in no time! If you can do this, you can play any song put in front of you, even if you’ve never seen it before- how amazing is that?

    Alfred’s Basic Adult Theory Piano Book (Level 1)

    Perfect for absolute beginner adults, this piano theory book is an excellent resource to complete alongside music lessons. The exercises inside are visual and interactive, supporting effective memorisation of note positions. This book will provide you with valuable playing tips and strengthen your understanding of the instrument, enhancing your abilities as you progress.Alfred's Basic Adult Theory Piano Book Photo Credit Amazon

    Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Theory Book (Level 1A)

    This book breaks down the basics of playing the piano, making it accessible to young children. It includes child-friendly step by step explanations and interactive visuals that support quick memorisation of the information presented. This book is perfect for practise between lessons and a must-have for introducing young children to the piano. Photo Credit Musicroom

    Learn How To Play From a Professional

    We hope that our recommendations will help you identify the best piano books to suit your needs, age and ability. If you are interested in purchasing any of the books mentioned above, they can be found on Musicroom or Amazon. Using the best piano books for beginners will undoubtedly support your progress as you start the exciting journey of learning how to play the instrument. However, to reach your full potential, we recommend entrusting our experienced pianists to guide you. If you are looking for some piano lessons in Milton Keynes, please feel free to get in contact with our team. For tips on the best way to learn piano, check out our previous article.

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