The ability to play the piano is an incredible skill to have! It offers hours upon hours of enjoyment to both you and any audience you may have, be it a room full of people or a small gathering of your nearest and dearest friends and family. The process of learning the piano is just as valuable as the ability to play: along the journey, you will hone many important life skills, such as patience, self-discipline, commitment and problem-solving.

Essentially, learning the piano is a brilliant way to create happiness and a sense of fulfilment in your life, all while improving your personal skillset along the way. We think that almost any individual will benefit from learning how to play the piano, regardless of age and whether they are determined to perform on stage one day or content to play tunes from the comfort of their home. That being said, how long does it take to learn the piano? Read on to find out!

How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano? Our Tips And Advice

It’s near impossible to say for sure exactly how long it will take any given individual to learn how to play the piano. However, our highly experienced musicians providing piano lessons in Milton Keynes are certainly qualified to offer rough estimates, as well as tips and tricks to help accelerate your learning speed. With over 15 years of experience, our piano teachers are more than capable of helping you or your child through your learning journey, whether you’re a total beginner, play at an intermediate level or are a piano pro. If you’re interested in our music lessons in Milton Keynes, why not get in touch with us at the Cowan Music Centre to find out more?

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    How Much Time Does It Take To Learn Piano?

    Asking ‘how long does it take to learn piano?’ is a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’! There’s no set answer, and it depends on several factors, including the following:

    • The age of the learner
    • How much, if any, previous musical experience or knowledge the learner has
    • The resources a learner uses, including books, videos and, most importantly, lessons
    • The commitment level of the learner and how frequently they practice

    Piano hands
    Fortunately, this article covers how you can make the most of your time and the resources available to you so that you can learn how to play the piano in no time (well, not quite!). If you do this, this is roughly how long you can expect to take to learn piano as a complete beginner, based on your desired level of expertise:

    Beginner (Grade 1 – Grade 2)

    As experienced and highly qualified musicians offering piano lessons in Milton Keynes, we are frequently asked ‘how long will it take to learn Grade 1 piano?’ by our students and or their parents. We typically suggest that the average piano newbie will take at least one year of regular lessons and frequent practice to achieve their Grade 1 ABRSM piano certification. At this level, learners can confidently play simple tunes, demonstrate short scales and have a basic understanding of sheet music.

    Intermediate (Grade 3 – Grade 6)

    At this level of expertise in piano playing, you will have developed some more advanced capabilities, including the ability to sight-read, play longer scales over several octaves and perform more complex pieces. You can expect to reach this level after around three or four years of consistent learning and practice and will find that with this level of ability, you will be able to teach yourself pieces independently, though you will still rely on the guidance and input of your piano teacher.

    Advanced (Grade 7 – Grade 8 and onwards)

    You will likely reach this stage of expertise five to ten years into your piano journey, given that you continue to attend lessons and practise regularly throughout this time. At this level, you will be able to play complex pieces, as well as scales and arpeggios in every key, with confidence and fluency. Sight-reading intermediate pieces will be well within your capabilities, and selecting and learning pieces independently will become second nature.

    How Long Will It Take To Learn A Piano Piece?

    The length of time it takes to learn a piece on the piano depends on both your capabilities as a piano player and the difficulty of the piece. An intermediate player may easily learn a Grade 3 piece in just an hour but spend tens of hours trying to perfect a Grade 6 piece.

    Is Piano Hard To Learn?

    Like many worthwhile skills, the ability to play the piano does not come easily. It takes much patience, commitment and resilience to learn piano, but thankfully, you will be able to build up these skills as you go through your piano journey. Having many years of experience providing music lessons in Milton Keynes, we can assure you that the challenges faced when learning piano will help you or your child develop the ability to problem solve and cope with difficulty, all while making every new breakthrough and achievement even sweeter!

    Piano child

    How To Learn The Piano Fast

    If you or your child is particularly eager to learn how to play the piano, you may be wondering how you can accelerate the learning process so that your home can be filled with tuneful melodies in no time! While the process of learning the piano cannot be rushed, there are several ways you can help yourself or your child to pick things up faster:

    • Accelerated lessons – piano lessons are crucial in supporting a learner through their piano journey. The guidance a piano teacher provides their student with, from how to improve to the best pieces to practice with, is an invaluable part of streamlining the process of learning how to play the instrument. At the Cowan Music Centre, we offer accelerated piano lessons in Milton Keynes for both adults and kids, aimed at students who can pick up things particularly quickly or are especially enthusiastic.
    • Practice frequently – it’s true, practice makes perfect! We recommend starting off by practising for at least 30 minutes a day, five or six days a week as a beginner. This will be easier to maintain if you make a practice schedule by allocating a specific time slot to practice each day and stick to it! After the first few weeks, this will become a normal part of your routine, and you will be able to look back and see how far you’ve come in such a short time.
    • Use quality resources – practice can only get you so far if the material you are learning and or practising from is of poor quality. While you will be advised on the best piano books for you during your music lessons in Milton Keynes, you can also check out our previous article to see some of our recommendations for beginners.
    • Don’t rush – while you may be enthusiastic about learning how to play the piano, you must also have patience! If you move on from a concept, technique or skill before you’ve truly mastered it, you will only create more work for yourself in the future. Take the time to learn how to do things properly and commit them to memory so that you don’t find yourself needing to go back to re-learn them later. You will find that you will progress quickly if you ensure that your understanding and execution are rock solid before moving on to something more advanced.
    • Start young – the best time to start learning the piano is as a young child, as that is when the human brain is growing the fastest and able to pick things up the quickest. However, this does not mean that you cannot start learning as an adult!

    Elderly piano player

    Is It Too Late To Start Learning Piano?

    Nope! No matter how old you are, it is never too late to start learning how to play the piano. People often wonder, ‘is it hard to learn piano at 30? 50? 80?’ While it may take longer to learn as an adult than it does as a child, there is no reason not to give it a go! In fact, playing the piano can have some incredible benefits, from improved concentration to reduced stress levels and risk of heart problems. Check out Piano Emporium to read more about this!

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      So, How Long Does Learning The Piano Take?

      We hope that this article has helped you learn a thing or two, whether it’s roughly how long it will take you or your child to learn the piano as a complete beginner or how you can accelerate the learning process. If you are interested in our piano lessons in Milton Keynes for you or your child, please feel free to get in touch with the Cowan Music Centre team to book in or find out more. For some tips and tricks on the best way to learn how to play the piano, why not check out our previous article?