Lessons Suited To Your Abilities

Having provided lessons for many years catering to various student abilities, we understand that not all settings are suited to every student. For this reason, we offer a range of lesson styles, including accelerated and one-to-one sessions, to help you tailor your lessons around you.

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Fun Classes With Tailored Techniques

Not everyone can learn Mozart through one-to-one, intense sessions, which is why we provide lessons that are tailored to your ability and learning style. Techniques used are adjusted to match your needs, helping you to develop and grow confidence through a learning style that works best for you.

As well as modifying lessons for age, ability and level, children can also enjoy an exciting camp designed to create an entertaining and enjoyable setting where friends can learn together and have fun doing so. During lessons and camps, children can learn music from their favourite Disney films and modern music, so no boring classical songs that tend to make younger learners quickly lose interest!

For adults, one-to-one sessions are ideal for developing skills in-depth, while accelerated lessons are perfect for socialising and learning, which is often a setting that encourages you to pick up skills and knowledge quicker.

Find Your Learning Style

Work out what learning style is best for you by booking in for a free one-to-one session and moving to accelerated lessons.

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