Adults-Only Accelerated Lessons

Enjoy a calm, comfortable and sociable learning environment when enjoying music lessons in Milton Keynes.

Monthly Subscriptions Available!

48 hours of accelerated lessons available with our monthly subscription plans.

Helping You To Learn Quickly

Adults will be able to attend an adult-only accelerated session, and with our monthly subscription, you can choose the time and day you wish to attend to fit around your commitments. If you are looking for piano lessons in Milton Keynes or wish to try another instrument, our team can provide you with outstanding lessons to help you develop.

It’s Never Too Late To Start

Whether you have never played before or are looking to develop skills, we encourage learners of all abilities to join our adult accelerated lessons. Our musicians will work with you to uncover your talent, allowing you to learn and practice during lessons with professional musicians. As well as learning for pleasure, your teacher can also help you to work towards achieving grades, allowing you to progress and grow your confidence.

How Do Accelerated Lessons Work?

1. Attend a free session

2. Learn how to play

3. Start learning your piece

4. Practice with headphones on

5. Play your practised piece to your teacher

6. Develop your learning & perfect your piece

7. Work towards achieving grades

8. Perform at regular events

Why Learn With Cowan Music Centre?

With over 15 years of experience, Cowan Music Centre has become renowned for high-quality, tailored lessons. Our musicians are dedicated to providing lessons that help you to learn and develop by using techniques suited to you.

Grade 8 Pianists

Grade 6 Musicians

15 Years of Experience

Comfortable Settings

Time To Practice

Performance Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Have Accelerated Lessons?

Will I Be In A Class With Children?

How Many People Will Be In An Accelerated Lesson?

Do We Take Turns Practising In An Accelerated Lesson?

What Our Musicians Have To Say

"Very pleased with my experience, and I cannot recommend Lewis enough. He was very welcoming, and I found it comfortable to speak to him about areas that I struggle with. Lewis was very quick to find a solution to help me, and didn’t get frustrated when it took me a while to learn it."

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