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What Are Accelerated Lessons?

An accelerated lesson is taught in a sociable setting, making it ideal for those that thrive when learning in environments where they can discuss their learning and practice their piece to perfection. Many of our younger students love their music lessons for kids in Milton Keynes through our accelerated lessons, as it allows them to have fun with fellow learners, providing a less intense and less pressured session.

What Happens During An Accelerated Lesson?

During an accelerated lesson, students will be asked to practice a section of their piece they find difficult with professional assistance from a Grade 6 practical musician, who will be at hand to help them develop their skills. Through a laid back and comfortable session, learners of all ages and levels can practice their piece with headphones until they feel confident.

Benefits Of Accelerated Lessons

Accelerated lessons are great for learning quickly by learning together, and many of our musicians find it much easier to learn in a less intense setting. There are many reasons why we highly recommend our accelerated piano lessons for kids in Milton Keynes, including:

Taught by a Grade 6 teacher

Fun and social setting

Concert opportunities

Headphones to practice

2-hour sessions available

Learn and practice during lessons

Why Choose Cowan Music Centre?

Here at Cowan Music Centre, we focus on helping learners to develop their skills in a non-judgemental, relaxed and fun session, while also helping each individual to find a learning method that suits them. Having provided accelerated sessions for many years, our musicians are highly skilled and qualified in numerous learning techniques.

Over 15 Years of Experience

Your teacher has over 15 years of experience working with adult and young learners, adapting techniques and teaching styles to suit the individual.

Grade 8 Teachers

Ensuring that you have the best chance of development and are in capable hands, our teachers are Grade 8 in piano and can help you to achieve grades 1 to 8.

Fun Lessons

We aim to provide a fun and enjoyable experience, encouraging learners to socialise and learn in a relaxed and comfortable setting that is perfect for young learners.

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What Our Musicians Have To Say

"I wanted my daughter to start playing the piano, but she struggled to get into it through one to one lessons. I was told by another parent that Lewis was fantastic at getting everyone involved and learning in a fun way. After just one lesson, she was itching to go back, and it was lovely to see her develop into a beautiful pianist."

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