Piano Teacher

£20-40 per hour, part-time, temp-perm

We are looking for inspiring teachers to join our team

The position is part-time temp-perm, and hours are by agreement. We value our teachers very highly and work hard to create the conditions to allow them to teach to the best of their ability, to enjoy teaching, and to continue learning. We are looking for teachers who are passionate about teaching, and about making music, can inspire, challenge and encourage students, create a positive, relaxed learning environment, are self-motivated and organised.

If you are interested in applying to work with us, please email us at [email protected] with your CV and contact details.

Job Description

We are searching for a talented and dependable piano teacher to join us. The piano teacher’s responsibilities include evaluating pupils’ needs and preparing lessons that will help them achieve their goals. You will prepare students for performances and exams, and also teach music theory.

To be successful as a piano teacher, you should demonstrate excellent instructional skills and patience. Outstanding candidates are lifelong learners who are always improving their skills and are unafraid to experiment with technology.

Piano Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Determining student goals and objectives.
  • Structuring individual lessons based on client preferences and goals.
  • Providing students with appropriate materials and resources.
  • Showing up on time for scheduled practise sessions, performances, and other events.
  • Teaching music theory, and helping students sharpen their sight-reading, memorising, and improvising techniques.
  • Incorporating digital pianos and other technology into lessons.
  • Recording short videos so students can select performance pieces.
  • Preparing students for exams, performances, and other events.
  • Motivating students, especially when they are struggling and progress is slow.
  • Providing constructive feedback and adjusting lessons as required.

Piano Teacher Requirements:

  • Strong musical ability, as well as proven piano skills and knowledge.
  • Previous experience as a music teacher would be advantageous.
  • Fluent sight-reading.
  • Patience, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong motivational skills.
  • Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses.

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